• What is CoPASS ?

    CoPASS is a Core Banking Solution developed for Co Operative Sector like Credit Societies, Microfinance and Employee Societies. CoPASS bundles up complete online solution like CBS Backend, Online daily collection using mobile device, Debit Card. CoPASS also offers other income resource options like Money Transfer, Bus Ticket Booking , Mobile Recharge etc. for additional income in society.

  • How CoPASS is cost effective?

    CoPASS is offered as Service based model on yearly fees. Fees is calculated based on active accounts. So you have to pay only what you use. Also no server or any other IT infrastructure investment required. Only internet connection is required to start using CoPASS. Overall all these features makes CoPASS cost effective solution for small as well as big societies.

  • Is CoPASS secure?

    CoPASS is built on proven secured technology. Data transition take place in encryption mode. CoPASS also implements Secure User access using HDD and IP mapping which restricts unauthorized access.

  • How data will be migrated from existing software to CoPASS?

    CoPASS expert Data migration team helps to migrate data from existing software to CoPASS. Our team will study data format in existing software and create data migration plan accordingly.

  • What about old records ?

    Data of previous financial years can be stored on CoPASS backup servers for read only access. This can be offered as an additional facility at an extra cost.

  • How CoPASS Collection Management System (CMS) works?

    CMS enables realtime field collection using mobile device and optionally printer. Smart Application on mobile device works in offline mode in non GPRS area and pushes transactions to server when GPRS gets available. Creditlimt also can be set for Collection Officer.

  • Can we implement CoPASS phasewise ?

    CoPASS implementation can be done branchwise. CoPASS software is flexible and can be implemented in one branch for evaluation and on proper satisfaction can be implemented in other branches step by step.