• Core banking grade solutions

    Core Banking is normally defined as the business conducted by a banking institution with its retail and small business customers. Copass provides core banking grade cloud solution which includes features like GL master, Branch wise GL access, Account master, KYC, loan application and many more.

  • Offered as SaaS model

    The Software as Service is software distribution model implies the application has been hosted by services provider and made available to consumer on rent. Copass offer low cost on rent banking grade services. For us SaaS means Software as WELL as Services. We bill you on Usage basis and provide continuous Service Support at no extra costs.

  • No need to invest in IT infrastructure

    As Copass follows SaaS model, Consumer no need to invest in expensive IT resources such as server, infrastructure for them and expertise to maintain them

  • Accessible from anywhere

    Online nature of application provides then mobility in use. consumer can access them anywhere with any computing devices with the help of internet.

  • Scalable

    Service has greater flexibility towards change. We can easily scale up or scale down the features as per the consumer’s need.

  • Data security with encryption in transit

  • Stability ensured

    CoPASS is built on redundant architecture which is backed up with redundant server farm which ensures trouble free and downtime free day to day operation.

  • Integrated with other revenue generation options

    We offer value added other revenue sources along with this model such as:-

    • Money Transfer (NEFT)
    • Credit Information & Verification Solution (CIVS)
    • SMS Module
    • Mobile Application for End Customer

  • Debit Card

    • Advance features for customer satisfaction.
    • Option to operate in Closed User group or Open Group via our Banking Partners
    • Enable Customers to make On Line Payments, use Mobile Wallet , transfer to Bank Account, Pay Bills, Shop and much more
    • Nominal Fees


  • No large upfront costs -free trials

  • Multi-level security – physical, power, pipes

  • No installation costs

  • Low one-time costs

  • Minimal training, easy migration

  • Anywhere, anytime, anyone – mobility with full security and Data Access controls

  • Operating costs only; can be terminated; re-sized – No capex hoops